The Laser Co Expands Operations

When you think precision, efficiency and workhorse, you think one thing: German.  When you’re in the world of all things laser cutting, you think: Trotec.

It’s with much excitement that we introduce the newest member of The Laser Co’s family, all the way from zee German shores: S. Gonzales! …may have ruined our German theme there.

Trotec engraving solid woodTrotec Laser Bed


The Laser Co has doubled its machine capacity with the introduction of our new Trotec machine, with speeds up to 355cm per second and addressable accuracy of 5µm (micrometer, one millionth of a metre).  For those of you who don’t speak high-tech engineering: its handiwork is incredibly fast, accurate and crisp.

Perfect for the most intricate details and defined designs, Gonzales is built for precision engraving and will be dedicated to such jobs that require the most perfect of finishes. From logo detail on promotional items through to large and intensive engraving, Gonzales compliments our existing cutting extraordinaire, Optimus, to round out a full service production line.

We are excited about our new studio member, get in touch with your brief and let us show you what our team has got.