A frames and sandwich board signs for health and wellness

Much of our business at The Laser Co is signage. Within that broad category, we provide many A frames, or sandwich boards as they are also called. Time to take a look at some specific examples.

What’s different about A frames from The Laser Co?

Almost every printer or signmaker will offer A frames, but ours are unusual in that most of them are made from timber rather than corflute or vinyl with a metal frame. As a result

  • Our A frames are heavier and less likely to blow over or shift position on a windy day. The standard size ones weigh about 10kg, so they’re still light enough for you to move on your own.
  • The more substantial style of timber gives an impression of a solidly established business.

In addition, the laser cut or engraved wood signage ties in with the natural, green and sustainable approach and branding many health and wellness businesses have.

Let’s explore some examples.

Engraved wooden A frame

We made this simple but beautiful A-frame for Koi Holistic Health, based in Potts Point. It sits outside their location, raising awareness and to making easier for clients to find them.

KOI Holistic Health AFrame

Slightly off the subject of this post, but we also made this wonderful hanging door sign for them.

KOI Holistic Health hanging door sign

It features the same light-and-dark engraving technique so everything integrates. Note also the hanging list of services provided. If they change or add a service, it’s easy to update the sign.

Add a blackboard to your A-frames

This A-frame for Avalon Healthfoods is also wooden, but it’s not engraved. Instead, we’ve added lettering laser-cut from green acrylic and attached with double-sided tape.

There’s also the added feature of a blackboard panel, which means they can write special offers or updates on the blackboard rather than needing a whole new sign.

Here’s another A-frame with a blackboard.

Holistic Hub AFrame sign with blackboard

This one has a mix of black acrylic for the top lettering and matte black vinyl for the Instagram address and the QR code.

We used vinyl because it was simply too fiddly to cut all those small pieces in acrylic and attach them one-by-one using a template. Instead, we cut the vinyl, removed all the parts we didn’t need, then used transfer tape to apply the design to the board. We tested the QR code, naturally. (If you try it from this image, you should find it works.)

Endota Spa – the most flexible-use A-frame we’ve made

Endota Spa has over 100 locations across the country, and we’ve made A-frame signage for over half of those. They’ve changed their logo in that time, so the design of the sign has changed a little to reflect that.

One thing Endota Spa are really keen on is a sign which can be used for all kinds of business purposes. And that’s what we’ve delivered.

Not only have we added the blackboard vinyl, we’ve also attached two aluminium runners above and below that blackboard area. The spa owners can insert different card or corflute signs depending on their specific needs. Some of those they order themselves, others we organise through our partner network.

A completely different look

Same A-frame, totally different look. This client doesn’t follow the health and wellness trend of wood and sustainability!

These were ordered for the café of a gym in Switzerland. The standard sandwich boards are covered with 3mm mirror silver acrylic across the entire front and back. Then the wording is placed on top using blue acrylic.

It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the background behind the writing is actually a reflection of the scenery around. There’s a bit of wave in it as the mirror acrylic isn’t completely smooth, and even the slightest variation causes changes. It’s certainly extremely eye-catching – even more so with people moving around so that the reflections are moving too.


If you’re looking for A-frames to promote your business, your premises or your special offers, we’d love to help. Depending on your design and on where the sign will be used, we can advise on the best materials and finishes to use. So you get something which looks good and continues to look good for the maximum time possible.

Contact us any time to discuss your needs and ideas.