Example projects for events, promotions and marketing agencies

One of the amazing things about a laser-cutting business is the wide variety of things we can make for different clients.

We love working with agencies as they bring so much creativity in terms of ideas. We then apply our technical knowhow to turn that vision into just what they want.

This post showcases some of the projects we’ve done for marketing agencies of all kinds – branding agencies, event agencies and experiential agencies. Jump to any section which interests you.

Getting brand colours right

Agencies and clients are passionate about brands. Colour can be a challenge, especially for oranges and reds, so we love to have a little lead time to get it completely right.

Clients may give us colours as RGB, or CMYK, or Pantone. We always take the colour specifications to our paint mixers, then create a sample and confirm the colour with the client.

In about 20% of cases, the first test doesn’t match. This can be because of conversion between different colour systems, or it can be how the paint takes on a particular surface. We’ll repeat the test process until you’re happy with the colour, as long as we have the lead time!

Marketing Events

Some companies organise their marketing events in-house, others use an agency. In either case, there are all kinds of opportunities to add something a little extra.

General event signage

Parking is a challenge at so many events. Custom signage like this can make it easy.

The event name can be added in any colour and appropriately branded so that attendees recognise it. We can also include arrows for signs at specific locations to direct traffic flow.

CVH sign in parking area

These two signs, for Glassons and Red Bull, were at the entrance to events. The Glassons sign was actually mounted on an arch over the entry itself, hence the curve.

Glassons signage prominently displayed at an event entrance, showcasing effective marketing strategies by creative agencies. Organics Red Bull sign

Here’s a sign on display at The Grounds of Alexandria’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ event which they ran with Disney in January 2019.  We cut the letters from matte white acrylic and they’ve mounted onto a plywood background. It looks fantastic.

The Grounds of Alexandria’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ sign displayed in an event 

Here’s an unusual and attractive signage design. Cutting letters out in a stencil design is simple enough, but what lifts this is the addition of LED lighting strips around the cutout shapes. The light shining through creates a spectacular effect.

South Australia sign

Name tags and lanyards

Event agencies need their productions to be perfect down to the last detail. The style and design of name tags is one way to reinforce your client’s brand image. Here you can see three very different styles:

  • The IBM name tag is in blue acrylic to match brand colours and give a ‘tech’ feel. It’s branded too.
  • The set of name tags in the middle were for the membership organisation Her Business. The rounded corners and neutral wood tones give a less corporate, more personal feel.
  • The Di Jones tag is the most hi-tech of all. That QR code goes to the company website. Each tag had its own individual code, which we etched into the metal.

Table signage

If people are sitting at an event, table signs are a great way to add branding.

In the first two examples, notice how the wooden stands are custom coloured to match the main sign. The slot is also cut to the correct size so that the signs stand upright and stable. We can advise on the best material dependent on size and purpose.

The team at The Laser Co can also assist with creating a stencil version of your logo if necessary. You can see this in the Jojoba signs, where the centres of the ‘o’s are held in place by a couple of thin bars.

Jojoba sign Austube Schreder sign

Our next two examples show brand logos which are instantly recognisable, even without the company name.

Mastercard took a slightly different approach, engraving their logo into the wooden stand and inserting promotional material and menus into the slots. And Audi went with a classic logo in a stylish colour combination. The black internal MDF really makes the bamboo of the outer facings pop.

This branding sign for Roku Gin was a little more complex to create.

Most of it was straightforward – white-painted plywood base with black and gold laser-cut acrylic. The brushstrokes of the ‘roku’ character, though, needed a different treatment.

Here we used a black vinyl, cut out all the parts we didn’t need, then used application tape to transfer the actual logo to the board. To make things even more complicated, we had to separate out the part of the logo which attached to the gold hexagon and apply that separately. You can see that we aligned it very carefully.

Roku Gin The Japanese Craft Gin signage Roku Gin sign detail

And finally, you might not think of opening a shopping centre as a product launch, but it’s certainly a launch event, and a big day for the developer investing in the centre!

Elara Village is a Stockland centre, and we were commissioned by their events agency to organise a floating sign for opening day. The trick here and with all green walls is the transparent bars of acrylic holding all the elements in place.

Elara Village floating sign for opening day

Product launches and tasting events

Food and beverage brands – and their agencies – love events where people can sample the product for themselves. Here are some examples of how we’ve supported them.

Bibigo is a Korean food brand, with one of their keynote dishes being mandu, Korean dumplings. In preparation for a launch event, we engraved their logo onto these bamboo steamers which were used to cook and serve the mandu.

Bibigo bamboo steamers with engraved logo

Next we have beer tasting paddles. (You can see the beer loveheart!)

Each paddle has four holes of about 40-50mm in diameter: the exact right size for the tasting cups used at this event. Now staff can carry round sample of four different beers without spilling or tipping.

Beer paddles

Our third example project is similar, but for coffee rather than beer. The large squares held the coffee brand display, while the two smaller circular indents held cups of different sizes.

Coffee brand display and cup holder


Marketing and event agencies also organise many awards nights and similar events.  In addition to standard event signage, we’ve also created awards of multiple different styles and designs.

Here are a few photos. For more information about these check out our post dedicated to awards and award plaques.

Trade Show Displays and Point of Sale

Product launches and tasting events
For brands with physical product, display and presentation is vital. Here are three examples where we’ve helped agencies help their clients.

Mathomat are an Australian company producing mathematical drawing templates and aids, for use by students, drafts people, engineers, architects and others.

They use these boxes to display their products at trade shows for all these various markets.

The boxes are made using two layers of acrylic. The inner one is white acrylic, while the outer one is clear, with its inside surface painted in the Mathomat red.

This design means the logo is protected from scuffing and scratching, so it remains sharp even when used at multiple trade shows.

Mathomat white and red product display box

BD is a global medical technology company. We created these tradeshow display stands for them.

Key features include:

  • A light box structure which means the display is illuminated and stands out
  • Clear acrylic with the inner face painted in company colours and the logo affixed to the front
  • Foam inserts cut to specified shapes to display BD product
  • A hinged clear acrylic lid to protect the product while on display
  • An upright back panel with a sleeve for product information. This is easily removable so that it can be laid flat on the box for easy transportation
  • A detachable clear acrylic brochure holder for relevant literature.

The key to the design here is that the same box can be used for multiple different products. All the BD team need to do is replace the internal foam with the right cut for the particular product set, then update the information sleeve and add the matching brochures. Simple and smart!

Our final sample display unit was used in Harvey Norman retail stores rather than at trade shows, to promote and highlight the Kaffelogic benchtop coffee roaster. They feature a leaflet box so that coffee connoisseurs can find out where to get the perfect beans to go with their new toy.

Gifts and Promotional Items

Last but not least, we create or customise plenty of promotional products for agencies.

As we mentioned before, the creative element of what works as a promotional gift is best left to you and your client. We just add that special finishing touch.

We can engrave your brand on water bottles, serving boards, or even binoculars!

Or if  you want to make your clients or prospects feel special, we can engrave something personal for them.

custom engrave   custom engrave pen stand

So, a call-out to all experiental, events and marketing agencies. If you have some brilliant ideas to promote your client and you need help turning those ideas into reality, we’d love to have a chat.