The Art of Design – Interiors

The art of interior design has always been a popular one and there have been an infinite amount of styles and trends that have lasted through the ages. Today’s society favours the minimalist and monochrome looks in their offices and homes however others have gone in favour of bold colours and cozy interiors. Then there are those who are looking for something a little extra, that one thing that changes the entire atmosphere of the room, whether it be a canvas or a splash of striking colour. It could even be a patterned feature that, when lit from behind or within, will create magnificent silhouettes.


Patterned Feature

Laser cut lattice framework, plywood, SydneyIf you like patterns and features that cast interesting shapes and shadows when lit from the inside, patterned feature walls might be the ideal solution for your room. Patterned features come in a variety of materials and these can be applied differently depending on your preference in decor. If you like fabric designs, you can laser cut animals, patterns and letters onto the fabric and place them artfully around your home. If you like the look of wood, feature walls can be made with complex swirls and patterns that will add a touch of otherworldliness to your home. Acrylic can be a classy addition to your decor, with its shiny and polished exterior and would add to the ambience if you’re going for the chrome look.


Pin Board

These are a good addition to a bedroom or office space as they come in various shapes and sizes and can be used for multiple purposes. If you like taking photos and keeping memories close to you, a pin board can be used to pin all your favourite photos and quotes. You could even include laser cutouts of animals and inspirational messages if you like the idea of having and pinning those onto the board. To take things a step further, if you want to make it a really unique board, you could laser cut the board itself and make it a one-of-a-kind possession.


Leather in the House

Leather sofas are popular in interior design because of the look and texture of the material. It is also used for book covers, journals and wallets. A well known and used trend is to monogram your leather goods with your name or initials into the surface. If you feel adventurous, you can try this with some of your leather furniture or other things such as jackets and accessories. For larger things such as furniture, you might be able to customise it by adding patterns you might like to have cut into the material surface. It’s a nice way to be creative with the things you use on a daily basis as well as making a great icebreaker for guests.


Mini Signs

If you’re into having labels for things around the house like your spice rack, for drawers or even your personal library, you might like to think about having mini signs to label where everything is. Plywood and other wooden options would give it a more luxurious feel to your tags, however other materials can be used. The wood texture is one universally liked and it also adds to a more rustic feel if your design and decor tastes run more towards that vein. If you’re looking for something shiny that will stand out, try acrylic. With its glassy and polished surface, it will also give off the feeling of class and sophistication and will do well to add to a more minimalist design. Frosted acrylic will give off the appearance of glass but the material is more durable and is half the weight of glass.




DIY projects are a huge hit with people who like to create and see their own ideas manifest within their homes. They also help to save a little money, as well as creating a fun opportunity for both individuals and families to enjoy activities such as hanging ornaments from the walls and ceilings and painting your own custom images onto walls. Stencils made of wood or acrylic can be made to carry any patterns or shapes that you wish to paint onto your walls or tiles. The best thing is that they’re reusableso if you need that particular shape or pattern again, you’ll be able to pull out the stencil again and use it. 


Laser cuttings are such a versatile service and can be applied to various things within your household. They can not only be used for things such as signs but also to make your home feel a little more like a home. This depends on you, whether you like your home to be bold and daring with striking colours and patterns, or clean with precise lines and neat shapes and patterns. Try applying laser cut materials into your home and notice the difference it makes to your home.