Featured Maker | 5 minutes with Barocky Chocky

We catch up with Andrew Burns, maker of midcentury inspired goods at Barocky Chocky.

What is it that you make, and how did you get started?

I had just fallen in love with Sydney’s electricity substations when I decided to celebrate them, along with other passions, through my creativity and love of midcentury design. I started with books, cards and prints, but wanted to also create old-fashioned toys and boxes. That’s where The Laser Co came in.

From laser cut boxboard I build Manly Ferry toys which are hand-powered by a crankshaft and inspired by the stage workings of Baroque theatre. These appeal to both kids and adults. A similar mechanism powers an Art deco cinema “screening” a Marx Brothers film!

I designed a three deck box of the historic Manly ferry Baragoola. I also designed boxes featuring four different substation facades, and one based on the Atlantean double-decker buses of the 70s.

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What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a jigsaw which explains how the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built.

Tell us about your process, do you have a tool you can’t live without?

My constant tool is my bone knife which I use to add a bevel to all edges of my work, to secure the pasted art and to remove sharp edges. Laser cutting allows me to design the precise shapes I need, knowing the parts will fit together perfectly. The boxboard allows me to easily assemble the product with PVA glue.

Where can we see more of your work?

I have an online shop, Fun & Educational! by BarockyChocky, however the laser cut products are only available at markets, as I can’t ensure safe posting. Of course, you can also follow Barocky Chocky on Instagram and Facebook (where you will hear about upcoming products and markets). 

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What advice would you give to people trying to start a creative business?

If you want to start your own creative business, I suggest your subject is something you’re passionate about. However, research any interest in this subject and listen to people who buy design. Double and triple check everything you design before printing, laser cutting etc. Let this caution feed into your pride in what you’re doing.

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Ready to get started on your own laser cutting project? Get a quote below.

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