Material In Depth: Premium mahogany & birch

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Eco-friendly and biodegradable, our premium plywoods are elegant environmentally kind timbers.

Structural integrityDepending on thickness of material, rigidity varies. 0.6mm can be brittle.
FlexibilityNot flexible
Cost$$$ - High
Engrave quality / legibilityEngraves beautifully with a clear result.
Score quality / legibilityScores very well with clear result.
Material burnMinimal burn marks visible, can be very lightly sanded.
Transfer tape recommended?We recommend using our low-tack transfer tape on one of both sides when cutting to lessen burn. Although transfer tape does not completely prevent burn marks, it can decrease them by up to 90%.
Example usesMenu boards/folders, signage - engraves beautifully and crisp, great for detailed projects, great for personalised wedding/party decorations.
Residue / handlingNo issues.
Lifespan / longevityColour can deepen over time due to air exposure. Slight warping can occur over time if timber is exposed to moisture.
Water ResistanceDoes not repel moisture.
Post production optionsCan be finished with timber finishes.
Thicknesses available0.6mm, 1.6mm
(check our materials page for latest stock available)
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