Material In Depth: Bamboo Plywood

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Bamboo ply is made from 100% renewable resource and is comprised of many layers of bamboo rather than a wood or MDF core. Bamboo is biodegradable and non toxic.

Structural integrityRigid, it can bend slightly with the grain.
FlexibilityNot flexible.
Cost$$ - Medium
Engrave quality / legibilityEngraves with medium contrast and a clear result.
Score quality / legibilityScores very well with a clear result.
Material burnLaser cuts easily with a light brown edge when cut.
Transfer tape recommended?We recommend using our low-tack transfer tape on one of both sides when cutting bamboo ply to lessen burn. Although transfer tape does not completely prevent burn marks, it can decrease them by 90%.
Example usesModel making, products, menus, invitations, tags.
Residue / handlingNo issues.
Lifespan / longevityNo issues.
MoistureSemi repellant to moisture.
Post production optionsCan be finished with timber varnishes and oils.
Thicknesses available1.5mm, 2.5mm
(check our materials page for latest stock available)
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