Material In Depth: Grey Boxboard

Laser Cutting Boaxboard
Laser Cutting Boaxboard

We stock FSC® Recycled Certified boxboard that is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled waste.

Structural integrity A rigid grey cardboard that is both lightweight and solid.
Flexibility Will crease if bent, thinner board can be used to create curves.
Cost $ - Low
Engrave quality / legibility Can engrave but produces a brown tone and a fine dust, depending on the weight of the engrave. A light engrave will just scrape the surface, while a deeper engrave will expose the recycled elements in the material and may leave more fine dust around the engraved area.
Score quality / legibility Scores well with a clear result.
Material burn Boxboard is sensitive to burn marks, but can sometimes be less visible due to the colour of the material.
Transfer tape recommended? Not recommended, can tear the boxboard when removed.
Example uses Boxboard is cheap and lightweight, great for architectural model making, prototyping products, templates, stencils.
Residue / handling The thicker the boxboard the more residue (burn and dust) produced.
Lifespan / longevity N/A
Water Resistance Does not repel moisture.
Post production options Can be spray painted.
Thicknesses available 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.3mm
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