Making Timber A-frame Signs

Our timber A-frame signs are made from exterior grade hardwood plywood. We source the wood from our local timber shop in Sydney who cut the sheets to size on-site.

Back in the workshop, we cut out the feet on the boards using a jig template before sanding the whole board down to 320 grit. We finish the boards with a clear, exterior grade protective finish for longevity. The detail of the A-frame sign is then either engraved or cut from acrylic or vinyl and adhered to the board. If we are engraving the detail, we use a protective application tape to minimise burn residue that can happen when laser engraving.

The final step is to fasten the boards with hinges and chain before packaging up and sending out the door.

Here’s a video of the process:

If you’d like to chat to us about your specific signage requirements or would like to order a wooden A-Frame sign, get in touch today.