Material In Depth: Black Card

Our black card is FSC® Mix Certified paper which ensures that all pulp is derived from well-managed forests and controlled sources.

Laser Cutting Black Card
Laser Cutting Black Card
Structural integrity Strong due to density and thickness, but not structurally stable.
Flexibility Will crease if bent, not recommended for curvature.
Cost $ - Low
Engrave quality / legibility Engraves nicely, but the result can be patchy. Also leaves a sooty black residue in the engraved area.
Score quality / legibility Scores well with clear result.
Material burn As the material is dark, surface material burn will be near unnoticeable.
Transfer tape recommended? Not recommended as it can rip the card when removed.
Example uses Business card, graphic design applications, model making, invitations cards, product prototyping, art and design.
Residue / handling Leaves black dust residue on fingers when handled.
Lifespan / longevity Good, no issues.
Water resistance Does not repel moisture.
Post production options Wiping with a very slightly moist cloth can remove some dust residue.
Thicknesses available 1mm
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