Material In Depth: Corrugated Card

Corrugated card is essentially made from two sheets of card glued to a corrugated inner medium known as fluting. We stock FSC certified corrugated card that is between 74 – 83% recycled, depending on sheet thickness. It is versatile, affordable and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Laser Cutting Corrugated Card
Laser Cutting Corrugated Card
Structural integrity The structure of the corrugated cardboard gives the material considerable rigidity and resistance. A strong and lightweight material option.
Flexibility Will crease if bent, not recommended for curvature.
Cost $ - Low
Engrave quality / legibility Does not engrave well.
Score quality / legibility Can achieve a crisp score result, but is subtle and can be hard to see at distance.
Material burn Corrugated card is sensitive to burn marks, but can sometimes be less visible due to the colour of the material.
Transfer tape recommended? Not recommended as it will tear the card.
Example uses Corrugated card is lightweight and great for architectural model making (especially contour models), also great for temporary signage, prototyping products.
Residue / handling No issues.
Lifespan / longevity None.
Water Resistance Absorbs moisture.
Post production options Can be spray painted, glued.
Thicknesses available 2.8mm, 4.3mm, 7mm
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