Laser Cutting Stencils

Our clients generally opt to create their laser cut stencil from polypropylene – a strong, flexible and affordable thermoplastic polymer. Unlike cardboard / paper stencils, polypropylene stencils can be reused many times, washed if needed and stored either flat or rolled. We stock 0.6mm thick polypropylene which can be purchased from us in full sheets of 1165x666mm or half sheets of 580x665mm.

How Large Can My Stencil Be?

To achieve stencils larger than the full polypropylene sheet (larger than 1165x665mm) you can simply split your design across multiple sheets which can then be taped alongside one another to form your large stencil.

How Do I Set Up My File?

Follow our file setup guidelines and use our laser cutting template (download here) to set up your stencil artwork.

In addition to the standard file setup instructions it is important to note than shapes that are completely bounded by another shape will not be connected to the main stencil therefore you need to review your stencil design to ensure that the outcome you intend will be achieved with your design file. The use of bridging / notches will help to keep the inside pieces intact so that your design translates well to a stencil. We recommend using a minimum width of 2mm for your bridges (See letters ‘U’, ‘S’ and ‘C’ below for an example of bridging).

For a fee we can assist with file setup, please get in touch with your design, confirming the size at which you would like your stencil produced.

Laser cut stencil - polypropylene
Laser cut stencil - polypropylene